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Investigation of a Holocene Accretionary Terrain on St. Catherines Island, Georgia

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St. Catherines Island Georgia is a barrier island located between the mouths of the Savannah and Altamaha Rivers at the head of the Georgia Bight. The 20 km by 2 to 4 km island consists of a Pleistocene core flanked by Holocene terrains on the north, northeast and southeast. The Holocene terrains are characterized by ridge and swale topography with older ridges heavily vegetated with by saw palmetto, cabbage palm, pine, hickory and live oak and young ones with dune grasses. The northern Holocene accretional terrain bounded by Engineers Scarp to the south and St. Catherines Scarp on the east was investigated by vibracoring and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) profiling. Four shallow (

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Geological Society of America Annual Meeting


Wilmington, NC