Urban Forestry - Taming Precipita


Urban Forestry - Taming Precipita


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Georgia Southern faculty member John T. Van Stan II co-authored Urban Forestry - Taming Precipita alongside non-faculty members Jan Friesen, Tyasetta and Siloy.


Since the beginning of human settlement, people have observed water in its many forms, recording the ways that water supports and subverts life... like a cunning and capricious witch. This is the story of Precipita, the waterwitch of Leipzig Germany, and the critical roles that urban forests play in protecting the city from her hydrological whims! This science comic was based on a book chapter "Urban Forestry: An Underutilized Tool in Water Management" in "Advanced Tools for Integrated Water Resources Management" by Van Stan, Underwood, and Friesen (Elsevier). Supported by NSF 11518726.

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Graphic Novella: Urban Forestry - Taming Precipita


© 2018 John T. Van Stan, II and Jan Friesen. This graphic novella was first published on ResearchGate, and it was uploaded as a supplementary file with the permission of the author(s).

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Urban Forestry - Taming Precipita
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