Conference Dates: Friday, February 24, 2023
Conference Location: Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus, University Hall
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023 (Closed)

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The Georgia Council for Learning Disabilities (GCLD) is a statewide organization that promotes evidence-based teaching, collaboration, research, leadership, and advocacy within the state of Georgia. GCLD is composed of professionals who represent diverse disciplines and are committed to enhancing the education and quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities and others who experience challenges in learning.


Our vision is to increase and improve educational opportunities and quality of life options for individuals with learning disabilities and others who experience challenges in learning. To accomplish this, our vision is to include all educators, researchers, administrators and support personnel who work or interact with said individuals.

Our Strategic Goals
  1. Encourage evidence-based practices for individuals with learning disabilities and others who learn differently.
  2. Foster collaborative relationships with professionals who serve these individuals.
  3. Expand our audience to stakeholders who support individuals with learning disabilities and who learn differently.
  4. Offer high quality sessions to practitioners and individuals who serve these individuals.
  5. Support leadership development among professionals who serve this population.
  6. Advocate for an education system that values individual differences.
  7. Encourage and support pre-service teachers as they learn effective strategies to support these individuals.

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