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Designing a Student-Centered and Research-centered Library Website


Room 1220

Type of Presentation

Panel (1 hour and 15 minutes presentation total for two or more presenters)

Target Audience

Higher Education


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Presentation Description

Two reference librarians from Valdosta State University share how user experience testing and information literacy standards can lead to a truly student-centered and research-centered website. Testing methods, cross-department collaboration, homepage development, and implementation will be discussed. This presentation will also cover how other libraries and institutions can adopt these methods to develop better library websites.


User experience testing, Information literacy standards, Website creation, Academic library website, Information literacy

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Presentation (Open Access)


Sep 21st, 4:15 PM Sep 21st, 5:30 PM

Designing a Student-Centered and Research-centered Library Website

Room 1220

See presentation description.