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Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

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Higher Education


Room 1220


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Discovery tools have the potential to dramatically impact how librarians deliver information literacy instruction. However, as with any resource, librarians must use discretion when teaching with discovery tools, giving careful consideration to how these tools fit into both short- and long-term information literacy objectives. During this session, presenters will explore Bennett College’s recent experiences with the ExLibris Primo discovery tool, and consider both the promise and challenges of discovery “solutions” for information literacy instruction. Presenters will offer practical advice for how to integrate discovery tools into information literacy instruction, with special attention given to blending discovery tools with traditional research tools, as well as differentiating instruction by audience, course level, and discipline.


Discovery tools, Information literacy, Library instruction, ExLibris Primo

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Presentation (Open Access)


Sep 21st, 1:15 PM Sep 21st, 2:30 PM

Does It Pay to Discover: Teaching for Information Literacy with the ExLibris Primo Discovery Tool

Room 1220

See presentation description.