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This session will explore assessment of a potential correlation between political science students’ information literacy skills and their political awareness, civic engagement and electoral participation. At North Georgia College & State University in the spring of 2012, American Government students were assessed for both information literacy skills and political and civic engagement using the James Madison University Information Literacy Test (ILT), a pre- and post-test, and a Political Efficacy Instrument. In this session, the researchers will discuss the assessment approaches and results, implications of the data for information literacy within political science, and the potential applicability of this approach for other disciplines.


Information literacy, Political efficacy, Higher education, Quality Enhancement Plan, Information Literacy Test, ILT, James Madison University, QEP

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Sep 21st, 8:30 AM Sep 21st, 9:45 AM

Information Literacy and Political Efficacy: Assessing the Correlation

Room 218

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