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Dave Yates, University of Maryland


Room 212


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This research investigates approaches for educating youth on copyright and its alternatives, and proposes a framework educators may use for the dual purpose of managing this education process and simultaneously applying creative approaches for protecting students' intellectual property. Recent attempts to educate have focused on compliance with copyright law, and yet other rights management approaches may be better suited for promoting student's creative works. Providing strategies for managing intellectual property rights, even for students of very young ages, serves a three-fold purpose of educating students about creating and using copyrighted works; helping students create and license their own creative expressions; and protecting educators trying to 'do the right thing' with respect to their students' creative work.


Information literacy, K-12, Education, Creative rights management, Intellectual property rights

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Oct 4th, 9:45 AM Oct 4th, 10:45 AM

Creative Rights Management for Intellectual Property in K-12

Room 212

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