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Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)

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Higher Education


Room 212


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Earlier this year the Library Council of the Technical College System of Georgia charged a committee with writing a proposal to ease Internet filtering on theier campuses. The Proposal Aims to create technology committees comprised of IT staff, librarians, students, and toher key players that locally determine the parameters of filtering on each campus. This presentation will introduce the committee's work, recent developments, and suggests ways for librarians to effect change at their institution while maintaining cordial relations with their administrators and state officials.


Information literacy, Internet filtering, Technology committees

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Presentation (Open Access)


Oct 4th, 11:00 AM Oct 4th, 12:45 PM

The Librarians of the Technical College System of Georgia and Their Response to Internet Filtering, Or How to Win Friends and Make Procedural Changes

Room 212

See presentation description.