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Founded by A.S. Varn Sr., the A.S. Varn & Son Crab Factory was the primary source of income and employment in the Pinpoint community. Crabs and oysters were harvested and shipped to local markets by boat or street car. The factory also provided a sense economic independence for individuals in the community. Men were tasked with catching the crabs or oysters during the season and transporting the catch to the factory. Children and women also played a role in the crabbing process. It was the children’s task to pick the back of the crabs while the women canned and deliver them to the local markets in the city. The first set of videotape recordings were done by Dr. Barbara Fertig’s history class of 1995 to 1996. The names of the interviewers comes from listening to the tapes, but has not been confirmed from other sources.

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African Americans, Savannah, Deacon Isaac Anderson, Armstrong State University, A.S. Varns & Son Crab, Crabbing, Fisheries, Pinpoint



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