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Videotaped interviews with four Armstrong alumni about their experiences as students at Armstrong and their later lives. Each interview, unedited, is recorded on a separate DVD.

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Otis Samuel Johnson, Savannah, Alva Lines, Herbert Griffin, Walter J. Lowe, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Alumni



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4 DVDS, each DVD from 30-60 minutes.

Each interview, unedited, is recorded on a separate DVD:

1. Otis Samuel Johnson. Currently Mayor of Savannah. Integrated Armstrong and first African American graduate, in 1964. Interviewed by Gail Rountree (AASU Development officer) and Bruce Habersham (AASU Media Manager) at Savannah’s City Hall. 38 minutes.

2. Alva Lines. Member of Armstrong’s first class (1935-1937), includes discussion of choosing school colors, the term ‘Geechee and Mr. Lines’ experience as Inkwell and ‘Geechee editor. 60 minutes

3. Herbert Griffin. Started Armstrong in 1938. Sings fight song (31 minutes.) 42 minutes.

4. Walter J. Lowe. Student from 1939 to June 1941. Came to Armstrong on an athletic scholarship. Lowe played basketball and football, discusses Coach Ivey M. “Chick” Shriver, Jr. 30 minutes. Conditions


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Alumni Interviews for Armstrong’s 75th Anniversary

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