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The collection includes founding documents, fiscal records, student and faculty publications and periodicals, social fliers, photographs, and letters of Armstrong State University’s Philosophy Club. The records are divided into five binders; binder one (1996-1997)) includes the club’s constitution, newsletters, mailing lists, meeting calendars, fundraiser information, fiscal records, and issues of The Philosopher's Stone from various years; binder two (1996-1997) includes photographs, social fliers, and issues of The Philosopher’s Stone; binder three (1997-1998) includes letters, event fliers, and issues of The Philosopher’s Stone; binder four (2003-2004) includes magazine and newspaper articles and pictures, and issues of The Philosopher’s stone; binder five (2004- 2005) includes issues of The Philosopher’s Stone.

Digital copies of The Philosopher’s Stone, originally available from Armstrong university’s website are available online from the Digital Commons @ Georgia Southern.

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Armstrong State University, Philosophy, Erik Nordenhaug



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0.67 linear feet (0.8 inches). The collection holds the contents of five, three-ring binders. Binder one (12 x 10.5 inches) has approximately 115 pages of material; binder two (12 x 10.5 inches) has approximately 130 pages of material; binder three (12 x 10.5 inches) has approximately 70 pages of material; binder four (11.5 x 10 inches ) has approximately 20 pages of material; binder five (11.5 x 10 inches) has approximately 40 pages of material.


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Philosophy Club Papers, 1996-2017

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