The exhibits archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of Georgia Southern University


Submissions from 2014

Armstrong State University Gallery: Faulty exhibition 2014, Mia Merlin

Grant Park Halloween Parade, oil on wood, 30 x 30, 2014; The Art of Georgia II: Portraits of a Community, Mia Merlin

River Gallery: Solo Exhibition, Mia Merlin

Slideluck Savannah 2014, Mia Merlin

Art in Odd Places (AiOP): The Artifacts, Jeff Schmuki

Artists Respond, Jeff Schmuki

Arts/Industry: Collaboration and Revelation, Jeff Schmuki

Biotic, Jeff Schmuki

Entomological, Jeff Schmuki


Hunter/Gatherer, Jeff Schmuki

Marfa Dialogues/St. Louis, Jeff Schmuki

Mediated Realities, Jeff Schmuki


Sustainability, Jeff Schmuki

The Moth Project, Jeff Schmuki

Wings and Wheels, Jeff Schmuki


Foodture, Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene

PlantBot Genetics, Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene


PlantBot Genetics: Monsantra, Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene


Ecology Revisioned, Jeff Schmuki and Robin Germany

Coordinated Fmad Showcase with guest Designer Mychael Knight, Hope Simpara

Submissions from 2013

6 Years In: The Warehouse, Jeff Schmuki


Homestead, Jeff Schmuki


InLight Richmond, Jeff Schmuki

PlantBot, Jeff Schmuki

PlantBot Genetics, Jeff Schmuki

PlantBot Genetics and the 91%, Jeff Schmuki

Same Difference, Jeff Schmuki

Shine On, Jeff Schmuki

Vahki Revisited, Jeff Schmuki


Monsantra, Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene

Baker Motors Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer Finalist, Hope Simpara

Port Moody Art Centre Wearable Art Awards, Hope Simpara

Submissions from 2011


Bulloch County’s Military Heritage – A Commemorative & Educational Exhibit for Southeast Georgia, James D. Bigley, Brent W. Tharp, and Santanu Majumdar

Submissions from 2007

Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck – A Texas Aggie’s Silver Star, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1998

Site Interpretation System for the 66-acre LeConte Woodmanston Plantation (Liberty County, GA), James D. Bigley, Larry Mutter, and Gail Whalen

Submissions from 1996

The LeConte Family and Woodmanston Plantation, James D. Bigley and Walter W. Meeks

Submissions from 1995

World War II - The World in Flames: The Final Victory - VE and VJ Day, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1994

World War II - The World in Flames: D-Day Remembered, James D. Bigley

Submissions from 1992

Georgia Goes to War - The Bulloch County Experience, James D. Bigley