Term of Award

Summer 1987

Degree Name

Master of Arts

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Psychology

Committee Chair

Gary McClure

Committee Member 1

Richard L. Rogers

Committee Member 2

Philip W. Hurst


Thirty-eight college students classified as Type A or Type B on the basis of scores on the Jenkins Activity Survey Form T (JAS-T) were given the AUI and observed in a simulated bar setting. The subjects were asked to drink normally and were allowed to drink beer for a thirty-minute session. Total consumption and number of sips were recorded. A Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) showed no differences between groups on the dependent variables. A multiple regression yielded the ALII Scale 14 (Quantity) as the most influential over the dependent variable total consumption and the AUI Scale 5 (Sustained Drinking) most influential over the dependent variable number of sips when all other variables were controlled. The JAS-T scores did not correlate highly with either dependent variable but showed strong correlations with scores that are more indicative of a serious drinking problem. Suggestions for further research are discussed.

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