Term of Award

Summer 1979

Degree Name

Master of Arts

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Psychology

Committee Chair

Richard L. Rogers

Committee Member 1

Georgelle Thomas

Committee Member 2

Gary E. Hudley


The purpose of this experiment was to investigate size accentuation in the dominant eye as reported by Coren and Porac (1976). Fifty-four male and female student volunteers ages 17-36 with equal acuity in both eyes were administered five sighting and one rivalry test of eye dominance. Standard stimuli subtending visual angles of 2o45' and 4o4' were then tachistoscopically presented to one eye and a series of comparison stimuli of varying sizes for each standard was presented to the other eye according to the method of limits for determining the point of subjective equality (PSE). A Pearson's r correlation between the results of the sighting and rivalry tests was not significant. Comparison of the PSE's as size of the stimulus in centimeters with analysis of variance yielded no significant effect except for that of size of the standard, which was significant at the .001 level. A chi square test of independence with PSE's classified as "larger" or "smaller" than the standard failed to be significant. No evidence for size distortion as a function of ocular dominance was found. Methodological differences between the present study and the Coren and Porac (1976) report are cited as contributing to the disparity in results; it is suggested that the decision in the Coren and Porac study was made based on some cue other than size of the stimulus.

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