Term of Award

Spring 1980

Degree Name

Master of Arts

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Dissertation (open access)


Department of Psychology

Committee Chair

Gary E. Dudley

Committee Member 1

Georgelle Thomas

Committee Member 2

Paul R. Kleinginna, Jr.


Thirty androgynous females, 30 androgynous males, 30 feminine females, and 30 masculine males participated at either a masculine-linked task (wiring a telephone), a feminine-linked task (doing needlepoint), or a neutral task (doing anagrams). Half of the subjects were given success feedback; half were given failure feedback. Each subject, after receiving feedback, completed a post-task questionnaire from which causal attribution ratings for four factors: ability, effort, task difficulty, and luck, were obtained. Scores were analyzed by means of 4x3x2 multivariate analyses of variance."Success" subjects attributed success to ability (F=18.007, df=1/96, p

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