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Summer 1975

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Master of Technology

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Keith F. Hickman

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Earl R. Andrews


Throughout man's existence, hazards have jeopardized his safety. In numerous instances man has been able to overcome or reduce these hazards by the use of his various tools and devices.

In relatively recent times, man created the automobile as a work saver and convenience. With its implementation and widespread use, automobile accidents became a major problem of society. Accident and injury prevention affected everyone associated with automobiles. According to The World Almanac (10, p. 954), automobile accidents account for the highest per cent of accidental deaths. The latest statistics indicate that over fifty-five thousand deaths occurred in the year 1973 giving four and three-tenths deaths per one hundred million miles of automobile travel.

The latest statistics compiled by the Georgia Department of Public Safety show a total of 135,577 accidents occurred in Georgia in the year 1973. These accidents resulted in 38,929 injuries and 1,012 deaths. These figures indicate five and three-tenths deaths per one hundred million miles of travel (1, p. 66).

State and Federal Governments have instituted legislation in efforts to reduce these figures. Licensing of drivers, inspection of automobiles, traffic rules, training programs, and automobile safety devices constitute the majority of safety programs now in use. However, it is still widely known and statistically proven that the great majority of automobile accidents are caused by driver error. The human element is responsible for causing far more accidents than mechanical failure (1, p. 66). Thus it can be ascertained that no one person is immune to automobile accidents.

Assuming that no one person is immune to automobile accidents, this study investigated the average automobile buyer's concern for his safety.

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