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Master of Science in Biology

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Biology

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James H. Oliver, Jr.

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Kishwar Mirza Maur

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W. Keith Hartberg


Effects of insect growth regulators on percent mortality and duration of nymphal development, spermatogenesis, male and female reproductive capabilities, and embryogenesis in Dermacentor variabilis were studied. Two juvenile hormone analogs (JHA), Altozar (ZR-512) and Stauffer (R-20458), and B-ecdysone were topically applied to two developmental groups; fed nymphs and fed-mated females. Acetone, methanol, and untreated groups served as controls.

Both JHAs (10 ug/ul, 1 ug/ul) and B-ecdysone (10 ug/ul, 1 ug/ul) increased mortality during nymphal development, yet failed to effect the duration of development of those nymphs successfully ecdysing. No effects of nymphal treatments on spermatogenesis were observed in testicular squashes of males fed either 5 or 8 days. Male and female reproductive capabilities were not effected by nymphal treatments. Embryogenesis was impeded by Altozar (100 ug/ul) and B-ecdysone (100 ug/ul, 20 ug/ul) treatments applied to fed-mated females on the first day oviposition.

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