Term of Award

Summer 1987

Degree Name

Master of Science

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (open access)

Committee Chair

Sara Neville Bennett

Committee Member 1

Wayne A. Krissinger

Committee Member 2

Donald J. Drapalik


Six vinclozolin-resistant mutants of N. crassa obtained following ultraviolet irradiation and selection on vinclozolin media, showed 1:1 segregation of the vinclozolin-resistant trait. In addition to being vinclozolin resistant, the six mutants had altered, non-wild-type morphology and were osmotic sensitive, with the different mutants exhibiting varying degrees of sensitivity. Genetic analysis indicated linkage of the three traits. Reappearance of osmotic sensitivity/altered morphology in crosses of phenotypically recombinant F3 progeny supported the presence of modifier(s). Rates of growth on vinclozolin media placed the six mutants into three groups. In most cases the rates were comparable to rates of growth on W-M media. Preliminary genetic analysis indicated linkage of three mutants to linkage groups I or II. Another mutant was linked to mating type with an 8% recombination.

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