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Doctor of Education in Educational Administration

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Dissertation (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

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Michael D. Richardson

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Fred Page

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Mary Ann Nelson

Committee Member 3

James Burnham

Committee Member 4

Randal L. Carlson


This descriptive study focused on the gifted service delivery models used in elementary schools in the state of Georgia, the way the models were implemented, the focus of instruction within the service delivery models, and baseline demographic information about the school districts serving elementary gifted students. A questionnaire was sent to all gifted coordinators within the state to develop a baseline description of elementary gifted services. The study found that there were many variations of delivery models being used by school districts. The major delivery model being used was the Resource or Pullout Model. The primary focus of instruction was enrichment or enrichment with a content base, which was state approved. However, the research confirmed the used of Advanced Content as the focus of instruction, which was not state approved. Comments from participating gifted coordinators supported the inconsistencies, strengthened the study, and provided insight into future plans for expanding or improving the gifted programs in the state of Georgia.

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