Term of Award


Degree Name

Masters of Education

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (open access)


Department of Leadership, Technology and Human Development

Committee Chair

Dale F. Grant

Committee Member 1

Stephen J. Jenkins

Committee Member 2

Leon E. Spencer

Committee Member 3

Cathy Jording


The study examines the barriers that inhibit collaboration between traditionally European-American fraternities and sororities and historically African-American fraternities and sororities. In the study, 176 members of the fraternity/sorority community responded to the survey. The survey was developed by the researcher to address issues of collaboration between similar governing council's member organizations, reasons for collaboration with organizations in the different governing council, as well as to explore reasons collaboration had not occurred. Membership in a governing council was used as the defining variable to different responses. The results indicated that lack of knowledge ofthe cross racial council's member organizations and members ofthe organizations and racial prejudice were inhibitors to coUaboration. Philanthropy and community service, as well as, events for the entire Greek system were reasons for collaboration.


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