Term of Award

Spring 1986

Degree Name

Master of Technology

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Committee Chair

Earl Andrews

Committee Member 1

Keith F. Hickman

Committee Member 2

Waldo Meeks


It is the premise of this study that a definite need exists for further research concerning the application and effectiveness of Interactive Video-Disc Simulation as an educational methodology. The educational field may benefit substantially from this mode of instruction. It may be found that distinct advantages may exist for IVDS over conventional learning tools. Then too, dramatic drawbacks may be isolated that preclude it's usage in training such as poor long term retention, possible use for psychomotor skills only, management skills only, or maybe the inability of IVDS to adapt or adjust to technological instruction. Interactive Video-Disc Simulation may not be valuable in the educational process. These variables may by discovered in this investigation and experimentation.

In the past, the typical classroom focused around the teacher, and it is still the same today. There is a fear that Computer Based Training (CBT) may replace the teacher. With additional applications being made for training with computer aided instruction, there may be some credence for this apprehension. This investigation may suggest, that for IVDS to be most effective, it will be dependent upon the teacher's own ability to adapt and direct the proper implementation of IVDS.

This experimental research will attempt to evaluate the practicality and effectiveness of IVDS in the technical education setting, and make determinations based upon these findings. Since technological advancements are occurring at such a rapid rate, it is necessary that ongoing research is conducted on IVDS for technical and vocational training methodologies.

This study will not presuppose instructor obsolescence. What it may illustrate is that new possibilities exist for technical training, if IVDS and it's applications are implemented most effectively. If IVDS and computer aided instruction do not prove themselves in the training forum, then additional similar applications and adaptations must develop tor IVDS to be considered a viable method.


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