Term of Award

Summer 1983

Degree Name

Master of Science in Biology

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Biology

Committee Chair

Sara Neville Bennett

Committee Member 1

W. Keith Hartberg

Committee Member 2

Sturgis McKeever

Committee Member 3

James H. Oliver

Committee Member 4

Wayne A. Krissinger


Following ultraviolet irradiation and selection in salt media, 15 mutants of Neurospora crassa, 74A, and 3 mutants previously obtained in studies of mannitol utilization were analyzed genetically. Mutants with osmotic sensitivity and wilt-type morphology were found as well as some with the altered morphology previously reported for osmotic mutants. The conidial separation trait was also present in some of the mutants. The mutants were of four types: osmotic sensitive only, osmotic sensitive and possessing altered morphology, osmotic sensitive and possessing the conidial separation trait, and osmotic sensitive and possessing both altered morphology and the conidial separation trait. Crosses to wild type, 74a, and to the alcoy; csp-2 tester strain showed 1:1 segregation of osmotic sensitivity in 17 of the mutants. In some mutants, osmotic sensitivity segregated from altered morphology and from the conidial separation trait. In other mutants, lack of segregation suggest pleiotropy was involved in control of the traits. Analysis of linkage data and results of complementation tests indicated at least two new loci for osmotic sensitivity and at least two and probably three new loci for the onidial separation trait to be represented by four mutants found in this study.

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