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Master of Arts in Psychology

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Psychology

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J. Peter Kincaid

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George [illegible]

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[illegible] Richards


The auditory and visual components of short term memory were examined using a Peterson and Peterson (1959) technique in which six items to be remem¬ bered were presented visually by means of a slide projector and aurally by means of a tape recorder. Visual interpolated activity was a simple perception test; auditory interpolated activity was counting backwards by S's. Two hundred introductory psychology students participated in a study using a 2 x 2 fac¬ torial design in which each subject received only one trial under only one of the four possible combinations of presentation mode and interpolated activity mode. Recall was better when the items to be remembered and the interpolated activity were in different sensory modes than in those conditions in which the items to be remembered and the interpolated activity were in the same mode. The results indicated that short term memory has both auditory and visual components.

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