Term of Award

Spring 2004

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (open access)


Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art

Committee Chair

Elizabeth Jane Pleak

Committee Member 1

Christina Lemon

Committee Member 2

Thomas P. Steadman


Using stylized and abstracted sculptural interpretations of She—Great Mother, Mother Nature, Earth Goddess, Creatress, Gaia, female sexuality, and the feminine aspects of nature; a wide range of differing chemicals and temperatures for the development of various clay bodies; and a vivid color palette to reflect ideas, feelings, and moods, I present a story of woman as metaphor for Earth and nature, an immense organic, ecological, and conscious whole. Incorporating found objects (natural and manmade) and fibers (organic and synthetic) with my clay imagery, I offer an awareness of the roles ofwomen from around the world in the spiritual and psychological development of cultures and the impact of those roles on our global society. From a scientific and ecological perspective as well as from an inner, spiritual perspective, I present an often neglected story that spans 30,000 years.


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