Term of Award

Spring 2002

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts

Document Type and Release Option

Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)


Department of Art

Committee Chair

Thomas P. Steadman

Committee Member 1

Christina Lemon

Committee Member 2

Peter Smith


My thesis work entitled 14,000 and 18 sculpturally addresses the balance of duality. The palette of materials used to create the 18 columns that range in height from 52 to 79 inches consists of cast bronze, fabricated steel, carved stone, slumped glass and forged stainless steel. Duality is represented in these works by formally contrasting rigid geometric and fluid organic forms. Balance is achieved when the geometric element does not overpower the organic element, and vice versa. This balance of duality is achieved in each work by implementing mystic addition and numeric symbolism to relegate proportion of the works and their individual elements.

Exhibiting the works outdoors addresses the proportion and scale of the pieces, the viewer and the immediate environment. Amongst the tall pines, magnolias and cedars of the Georgia Southern Botanical Garden's North Woodland, the stacked sculptures and viewers are the lesser. The heights of the individual artworks range from 52 to 79 vertical inches, intentionally relating to generic human height, instigating camaraderie of the similarly scaled.

Artists whose works embody qualities that I desired to incorporate into my own expression include Constantin Brancusi, Jenny Saville, and Chris Drury. Both Constantin Brancusi and Jenny Saville addressed the question of balancing duality in their works. Brancusi and Drury stack elements to create a singular form Chris Drury's outdoor works explore the relationships of proportion and scale between the viewer, the work and the environment.


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