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Fall 2007

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Master of Science in Biology (M.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Biology

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James B. Claiborne

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Chris Cutler

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Daniel Gleason


Acid-base regulation is a vital mechanism in homeostasis. Fish must maintain optimal physiological acid-base parameters during changes in an aquatic habitat. Environmental factors such as changes in salinity affect fish ability to maintain optimal blood plasma ion concentrations. Ion regulation influences the fish ability to maintain optimal acid-base balance. The Na+/H+ Exchanger-3 (NHE-3) has been shown to be the primary membrane ion transporter responsible for acid-base balance in the mammalian kidney. The objective of this study is to characterize NHE-3 in the gills of longhorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus octodecimspinosus).

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