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Spring 2007

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Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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Department of Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading

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William M. Reynolds

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Grigory Dmitriyev

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Neal Saye

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John A. Weaver

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Using a critical, intellectual perspective that is supported as a conceptual framework and provides a solid basis for historical study, this theoretical research focused on the historical evidence of sustained progressive forms of education. The developments within the field of curriculum studies during the late 1800s transitioned through changes in the 1950s and 1960s and the movement forward with the reconceptualization of the field in the early 1970s were discussed. This reconceptualization of the field in the early 1970s provided a renewed texture from which to move forward in critiquing and changing curriculum theory. By understanding curriculum rather than focusing on moving through educational designs and models, curriculum is lived and emerges. The progression in the work of scholars within the field carried the foundation upon which this research took place. By providing new and renewed questions through provocation, the field was added to by continuing to keep the discourse alive. Educational theory makes available an interwoven historical perspective in which to engage in the endeavor, which presented and provided a perspective of what transpired and continues within the field. This study included evidence of modern opportunities where there was further development of curriculum conceptualization. Implications of progressivism in the work of shaping evolving pedagogy and the voices of current, active scholars was also provided along with the critics of such discourse. 2 Throughout this study, the intention was to seek to discover if progressive education continued in the field of curriculum studies historically through alternatives within the field in both public and private schooling. By taking a look into the rearview mirror historically of where public education in America has been and then situating ourselves within the conversation by returning forward to the present, one can gain further understanding of the tasks facing the teaching profession, the vast educational system in America, and the responsibilities we all hold to the world and international community at large. Through this research, a further understanding of the work that continues to disturb the waters of the field of curriculum studies was queried.

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