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Fall 2011

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Doctor of Education in Education Administration (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development

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Linda M. Arthur

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Paul Brinson

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Stephen Jenkins


This study examined the perceptions of secondary students and teacher quality during their years in high school. The study sought to compare responses among males and females and among ethnicities to determine if there were differences in perceptions of teacher quality with respect to student-teacher relationships, instructional methods, and justice and fairness. Surveys were given to students from eight public high schools in a southeastern region of Georgia. Demographic questions were included in the survey to delineate responses by gender and ethnicity. This study generated data from 663 students to determine student perceptions of teacher quality in the areas of justice and fairness, instructional methods, and teacher-student relationships. Data were organized and evaluated using statistical software to produce the written results. The results for student and teacher relationships and justice and fairness indicated there were no significant differences among ethnicities or genders; however, when Instructional Strategies were evaluated for ethnicity and gender differences, ANOVA results for ethnicity revealed significant differences among the four ethnic groups. High agreement was found on the items in which students indicated that they had adequate time for questions and note-taking in class, teachers provided strategies to help them retain information, teachers expected students to use a variety of resources to complete class projects, and teachers provided detailed rubrics for specific grade requirements. These findings lead one to believe that students want to know the expectations for success in the classroom and value the teachers that provide them with concrete details.

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