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Spring 2024

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Master of Science, Information Technology

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Thesis (open access)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.


Department of Information Technology

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Hayden Wimmer

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Jongyeop Kim

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Meenalosini Cruz


This thesis comprises three distinct, yet interconnected studies addressing critical aspects of web infrastructure management. We begin by studying containerization via Docker and its impact on web server performance, focusing on Apache and Nginx hosted on virtualized environments. Through meticulous load testing and analysis, we provide insights into the comparative performance of these servers, adding users of this technology know which webservers to leverage when hosting their webservice along alongside the infrastructure to host it on. Next, we expand our focus to examine the performance of caching systems, namely Redis and Memcached, across traditional VMs and Docker containers. By comparing deployment paradigms and evaluating performance dynamics, we uncover nuanced insights crucial for optimizing resource utilization and throughput management in modern web environments. Finally, we delve into a comprehensive evaluation of two leading Docker orchestration solutions, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, under constrained environments. Through meticulous benchmarking and analysis, we elucidate the platform’s scalability, responsiveness, and resource utilization, providing valuable guidance for architects and decision-makers navigating containerized deployments. Through these studies, we contribute to the field of web infrastructure management by providing actionable insights, informed decision-making frameworks, and avenues for future research and development.

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