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Fall 2023

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Steven Tolman

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Daniel Calhoun

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Antonio Gutierrez de Blume

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Damon Andrews

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This bivariate correlational quantitative study sought to determine how variables predicted students’ course outcomes in first-year English and mathematics courses within a corequisite learning support model. Course outcomes were defined dichotomously on a successful completion or unsuccessful completion basis. The participants of this study included those who initially attempted first-year English (n = 2,055) and mathematics (n = 2,843) course(s) in a corequisite learning support model for the first time between Fall 2018 and Spring 2022 and were assigned as advisees to the professional academic advisors in the centralized advising model. The examined predictors were students’ frequency of sessions, length of time per session, and the first instance in which engagements occurred within the semester between students and professional academic advisors. The researcher deployed a series of binary logistic regressions. The frequency of meetings and the first instance when a student and academic advisor engaged in the semester were significant in students passing first-year corequisite English and mathematics gateway courses.

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