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Spring 2022

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Master of Science, Applied Physical Science

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Maxim Durach

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Hau-Jian Liu

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Li Ma

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Kelly Patton

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Photonic Metamaterials is a branch of electromagnetism that has been of great interest in recent years. This is further enhanced by the introduction of micro- and nanofabrication methods capable of producing metamaterial structures with which it is possible to create specific optical phenomena. The study of iso-frequency k-surfaces is of importance when discussing optical interactions with media. Previous research found evidence of materials exhibiting k-surfaces of bi-hyperbolic nature, though they failed to find any further hyperboloid dispersions. In this thesis we describe the k-surface topologies and including tri- and tetra-hyperbolic as well as analyze the polariton-interactions that cause these hyperbolic dispersions. Furthermore, in the process of conducting this research, we also introduce a method in which the effective parameter matrix of a material may be reverse engineered from the optical characteristic matrix.

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