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Spring 2022

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Dr. Jason Hoelscher

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Marc Moulton

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Elsie Hill Howington

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Jeff Garland

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Contemporary socio-economic reality is like a robbery, where the wealthy people have all the money, and the workers live from hand to mouth. These systematic inequalities are happening through capitalist consumerism and creating a growing economic contrast globally. Rather than considering imitative freedom promoted by the mainstream media that drives us to power, greed, or ego-centric mentality, I believe human rights can direct us to real freedom. In current society, basic rights are being taken away from many, while a great number of us are trapped in our utopian reality without recognizing the truth. We are stimulated by our socio-economic status; without questioning it. These defective conditions are aware of the errors in the system but do not certainly clarify the reasons behind them. From our collective experience, we understand that a larger population around us and the world is suffering, and the reasons are merely economics, besides any other factor. From there we can connect the web that takes us to power and politics. In the current global economy, we see an extreme division, where 80% of the wealth is reserved by a small circle of people. Through my work, I am confronting this situation to address that. Our focus on this contemporary crisis is too narrow; where I am exploring the consequences of these issues to gain a new perspective on our shared situation.

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