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Spring 2021

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Art

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Jason Hoelscher

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Jeff Garland

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Jon Witzky


My ceramics are made to entice the viewer to live in their present moment by altering their perception and familiarity of utilitarian objects through means of natural processes found out in nature. I want the user to be fully engaged with thoughts about time, nature, and being present during their lives. Life in not just about daily responsibilities and sometimes we as humans can get so caught up in everything around us that we simply forget to enjoy everything we have worked hard to achieve. By experiencing something new, we can get out of our comfort zones and being present is a key element in being able to do so. I intertwine this idea with ecological processes in such a manner to show how being out in nature can help provide that presentness and help us realize how nature is indeed not all that different from us. Everything always needs to live presently.

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