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Spring 2021

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Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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John Weaver

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Daniel Chapman

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Ming Fang He

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For my dissertation, I decided to write a memoir to have the opportunity to go through the self-reflection process and learn more about my inner self. I wanted to learn how the life experiences I write about have affected me as a student-athlete, coach, teacher, parent, and how they have shaped me into who I am today. I took instances from my life in athletics that I believe are significant in the development of my overall being. Educational scholars such as William Pinar (1995, 2004), John Dewey (1916/2019, 1933), Frederic Gros (2011), Immanuel Kant (1908/2015), Nel Noddings (2005), and Paulo Freire (1970, 2005) were influential to me throughout this process in the area of curriculum while memoirists such as Claudia Mills (2004), Judith Barrington (2002), Mary Karr (2015), and Donald Hall (1993/2003) were instrumental in framing my understanding of memoirs. Authors Richard Ryan and Edward Deci (2008) were significant in my understanding of Self-Determination Theory as well as John Scott (2000) in the area of Rational Choice Theory. Through curriculum theorizing and the reflections of my experiences, I have learned that athletics has place and can be beneficial to the students-athletes who participate in them. I have also learned the importance of my position of a leader both as a teacher, coach, and parent. As I reflect, I come to terms with the emotions and thoughts my experiences stir and learn my journey is far from over. My findings include how and why I handled situations the way I did, and how I would handle them differently now. I include what I have learned about how I can influence my students, players, and children in ways that will help them be successful academically, athletically, and personally. I realize how my experiences have affected my teaching, coaching, parenting, and the affect I have on my students, players, and family members. As I have grown and matured, the lenses and perspectives that I look through to see the world have increased, which will allow me to better connect with everyone around me.

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