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Fall 2020

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Edward Rushton


There are several students who grow up being active and involved in many things. Some are interested in robotics, while others like sports, and some just enjoy socializing. But there are some who never gave healthy eating too much priority until they find themselves gaining weight and feeling fatigued. This is a common problem for most college students, especially those who are still adjusting to new routines and who already have tight schedules. Because of this, finding time to eat well can be a huge challenge for them. Grocery shopping, finding recipes, cooking, and learning how to do it all is a big task for most college students while trying to focus on classes and highly demanding coursework. University and college students not only have to deal with adjusting to social change, and living away from home, but they also must face health constraining factors like tight budgets, busy schedules, and figuring out how to eat well without parental guidance. But college students can benefit if they eat healthy. Research has shown when students are well nourished and eating healthy meals, they are able to learn better, achieve higher grades, have better memory and alertness, and have faster information processing. Having a healthy diet has a lot of other benefits. It can help students not only lose weight, or maintain it, but it can also lower cholesterol and prevent certain health conditions. To aid in their busy lifestyle and changes, I have come up with a solution that can help them chose a healthy diet on the move without any big changes in their daily schedule. It is a healthy choice app, named “GOOD FIT,” that can run seamlessly on both IOS and Android devices.

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