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Summer 2020

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Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.)

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Dissertation (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Department of Health Policy and Management (COPH)

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Dr. Gulzar Shah

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Dr. Jeffery Jones

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Dr. Tilicia Mayo-Gamble

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Dr. Tarem Hendricks


Oral health is an essential dimension of overall health and has profound impacts on the physical, social, and psychological well-being of individuals. Although oral health conditions are prevalent and acknowledged in the United States, they have been long overlooked in research. Most studies that evaluate the oral health status of individuals are based on the clinical indicators; however, its association with social determinants is limitedly documented. Considering that social factors are strong determinants of health more research is warranted. The purpose of the study was to conduct patient-centered outcome research to explore OHRQol and its relationship with social factors. Aim: This research investigates the association between Social Determinists of Health (SDoH) and OHRQol. Method: A quantitative study was conducted using OHIP-14 to measure the OHRQol. Negative Binomial Regression analysis was conducted. Results: A total of 182 individual participated in the study (N=182). In conclusion, OHRQol is found to be associated with Age and Income. Gender, Race, and Education showed no statistical difference within the OHRQol score. Public Health Significance: This is the first study in Georgia to establish relationships between OHRQol and SDoH. This research will help the health departments to determine the efforts needed in the direction to expand preventative services such as creating new educational programs toward oral health.

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