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Fall 2019

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Master of Arts in Social Sciences (M.A.)

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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Ryan McNutt

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Jared Wood

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Iain Banks


In the closing months of 1864 Confederate prison authorities were forced to evacuate the large stockade prisoner of war (POW) camps at Millen and Andersonville, Georgia in the face of General Sherman’s ‘March to the Sea’. While attempting to evade Union forces, approximately 5,000 POWs were sent along the Atlantic and Gulf railroad in south east Georgia, stopping just outside of the town of Blackshear. For three weeks prisoners and guards camped along a small tributary of the Alabaha River with only a few steaks to mark a deadline between them. No formal prison enclosure or fortifications were constructed and while escapes were frequent the majority of the prisoners would endure their stay before continuing down the line to Thomasville. In this thesis, I continue the investigation of site 9PR26 by further delineating the boundaries with metal detection survey. By examining the artifact patterning I attempt to determine the general layout of the camp and why this particular location was chosen as the site of a makeshift prison by its commander.

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