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Spring 2019

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Master of Science in Mathematics (M.S.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Charles Champ

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Andrew Sills

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Divine Wanduku


Monitoring for a change in the means of p > 1 quality measurements is of interest. The performance of the charts used to monitor for a change in the means is affected by changes in the process variability resulting in a need to monitor for changes in variability. We introduce two new control charts that can be used to monitor for a change in the process covariance matrix Σ. The charts are a plot of the determinant of the multivariate exponentially weighted moving average (MEWMA) of the sample covariance matrix S versus the sample number. Performance comparisons are made with the EWMA charts based on |S| used to monitor for a change in |Σ|. The average run length (ARL) is used as a performance measure.

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