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Spring 2019

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Dissertation (open access)

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John Weaver

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Ming Fang He

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Sabrina Ross

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Saba Jallow

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Humanity in the Black explores the theoretical framework of Counter-Racist Logic created by Neely Fuller Jr. as a defense mechanism for humans politically classified as black. The purpose of this dissertation is to display how Counter-Racist Logic can eliminate the cancerous confusion caused by the social construct of race. Humans who have been assigned to the racial category of black will be able to courageously acknowledge the social construct of race, acknowledge the effects of identifying with a description of a race, and how to use logic to counter the religious white superiority belief system (Fuller, 2016). The method used to facilitate this exploration is a combination of Comedy and Hip Hop. They both activate what Fuller (1984) describes as process of thought, speech, and action. Counter-Racist Logic will represent the immune system, created for resisting the cancerous dehumanization of the social construct of race. Major contributions of my dissertation include an application of the counter-racist code system concept, a critique of the intentional and continuous use of dehumanizing racial categories towards specific human populations, and my perspective on how to apply Counter-Racist Logic using human modes of artistic resistance against the false religion of white superiority. Comedy and Hip Hop will serve as methodological immune responses to the illogical religion of race, producing curriculums of healing for humans who are socially, legally, politically described, and assigned as black, or persons of color (Fuller, 1984; Watkins, 2001; Welsing, 1991; Woodson, 2007). To be clear of

the intent of the word choice in this dissertation, the term black will not serve as the identity for humans who fit the socially constructed and religious description of black and person of color. The term black will serve as a misdiagnosis that forms the religious mistreatment towards humans (Wynter, 2003; Cress-Welsing, 1991; Fuller, 1984).

INDEX WORDS: Curriculum, Education, Counter-Racist Logic, Black, Comedy, Hip Hop

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