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Spring 2019

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Meca Williams-Johnson

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Delores Liston

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Deborah Thomas

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Mary Kay Bacallao

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In recent decades, researchers have made considerable contributions to the field of teacher induction. Yet limited research has been conducted on how Georgia school districts incorporate induction programs and their perceived impact. This mixed-methods study used a pragmatic approach to identify the induction supports offered in three East Central Georgia school districts and investigate induction phase elementary teachers’ perceptions of these induction supports. Analysis of survey and focus group data identified three supports critical to teacher induction (1) mentoring, (2) needs-based professional support and development, and (3) peer observations. Recommendations were also made for improving current induction practices to include adding more collaborative induction components such as scheduled release time for peer observations and planning; assignment of grade/subject alike mentor; and job-embedded learning. This study extends the existing body of induction research and provides a lens for district leaders to focus future induction planning with particular focus on East Central Georgia.

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