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Spring 2018

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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Pakistan fought and gained its’ independence from British rule in 1947, yet women in rural areas are still suffering from a patriarchal and patrilineal society. Women such as myself who come from or currently reside in the metropolitan cities in and around Pakistan have access to attaining money, and education. Whereas unfortunately, women in more rural areas face extreme inequality and prejudice due to their gender and Pakistan’s current views on women’s rights. I believe no nation can progress as a whole unless women of the country are treated equally and given the same opportunities as men. To do this, Pakistani women must play a significant role in the societies development.

In my recent travels back to Pakistan, I encountered women from rural areas and was disappointed to see basic rights such as the right to education, and the right to make decisions was denied regularly. Despite the hard work and creativity exhibited by the women in creating handicrafts such as Rilli, Ajrak, and Embroidery to support their families, they lack respect, value, and importance compared to men. In this thesis, I would like to examine and appreciate the creative work of Pakistan’s women despite the challenges they face daily. Pakistan’s women are no less important than those in other counties, and it is my intention in this thesis as a Pakistani woman, to recognize their work through graphic design initiatives in an effort to empower and support change.

Due to the lack of public information regarding Pakistani women’s handicrafts, I decided to make a documentary to share the day-to-day life of women with those outside Pakistan. This documentary showcases my research as well as my personal experiences from traveling to Pakistan. It is my intention that this documentary will campaign for women’s rights, promote their art, and generate a more global awareness of the creativity and skill within the small towns and villages of my homeland.

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