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Spring 2008

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Master of Arts in English (M.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Literature and Philosophy

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Tim Whelan

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Julia Griffin

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Candy Schille


Published anonymously in 1779 Danebury, or the Power of Friendship, a Tale with Two Odes, has retained its anonymity for over two centuries. Evidence found in the Reeves and Steele Collections housed at Angus Library; Regents Park College, Oxford identifies the author as Mary Steele, a provincial young woman with a Nonconformist background who was an active participant in a literary coterie that included other published authors such as Mary Scott, Anne Steele, and Hannah More. Drawing upon the work of Marjorie Reeves as well as the original manuscripts contained in the Reeves and Steele collections, this thesis provides the first in depth discussion of Mary Steeles published work and the role her literary circle of friends and acquaintances and her Nonconformist background played in shaping her poetry.

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