Term of Award

Fall 2017

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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Thesis (open access)


Department of Art

Committee Chair

Jason Hoelscher

Committee Member 1

Robert Farber

Committee Member 2

Derek Larson


The works in this exhibition represent the transdisciplinary research and practices used to explore humanitarian concerns with stress and suffering. It is a Buddhist fact that all humans suffer. And it is the inner journey that allows the guidance out of suffering and towards freedom. For me, the recognition of suffering was there since infancy. I have spent a lifetime searching for answers through the philosophy of Zen, the study of Buddhism (as religion), the study of neuroscience, the arts (both liberal and fine), the practice of meditation, and the psychological process of mindfulness.

The attention to the present moment allows me to find that one place where suffering does not exist. It is through this moment to moment life…the journey, that I have found freedom, creativity, and happiness. Mindfulness’ gift is trust of self which in turn gives permission to create art that is both self-regulated and straightforward.

This exhibition replicates my journey; the discarding of life as I knew it, the power of nature as teacher, the study, the research, the meditations and inner journeys, and finally, creation without stress and suffering.

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