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Spring 2016

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Master of Science in Applied Physical Science (M.S.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Department of Chemistry

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W. Marshall Ming

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John DiCesare

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Donald McLemore


There has been increasing interest on self-healing corrosion protection. High pH-responsive polymers (HPRP) have been designed and synthesized followed by the subsequent preparation of surfactant free HPRP particle dispersions (particle size ≤ 500 d.nm) from preformed polymer by a simple phase inversion method.

These particles have been loaded with the corrosion inhibitor, 1H-benzotriazole (BTA), with various payloads (up to 10wt%) and successfully incorporated into coatings for preemptive corrosion protection. HPRP particles remain stable at pH ≤ 8 and demonstrate increasing rates of release of corrosion inhibitor as pH rises to 14. HPRP particles containing BTA have demonstrated on demand, continuous corrosion protection. HPRP particles containing BTA in epoxy coatings (≤ 0.1wt% BTA) have demonstrated excellent corrosion protection for steel and aluminum alloy substrates.