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Spring 2016

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Master of Arts in Social Sciences (M.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Sue Moore

Committee Member 1

M. Jared Wood

Committee Member 2

Lance Greene


Camp Lawton was a Confederate POW Camp located in Jenkins County, Georgia during the latter part of the Civil War. This research uses shovel testing, metal detection, magnetometry, soil phosphate analysis, and terrestrial LiDAR scanning to attempt to ascertain which method, or combination of methods, is more effective on mid-19th century components in the Georgia Coastal Plain. Findings were inconclusive, but indicate that shovel testing and metal detection are the more effective methods. Data also suggest that areas of Confederate occupation at Camp Lawton probably covered a much larger area than previously anticipated.

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