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Spring 2010

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Master of Science in Kinesiology (M.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Department of Health and Kinesiology

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Jim McMillan

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Stephen J. Rossi

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Thomas A. Buckley


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the physiological and perceived stress and recovery response in Division 1 women basketball players across a competitive in-conference basketball season. Methods: 9 female Division 1 female collegiate basketball players volunteered and completed 5 testing sessions throughout in-conference play. The team was separated into starters (S) (n= 5;mean ± SD;19.4±1.5 y) and non-starters(NS)(n= 4;mean ± SD;19.2±0.5 y) Testing began during conference play and consisted of two drop jump trials and completion of the Recovery-Cue seven (RC7). Subjects also completed the Recovery-Stress questionnaire (REST-Q) on weeks 1 and 5. Results: A significant increase (P <.05) was observed in team mean RC7 scores from week 4 to week 5. No significant differences were found in jump height; however, there was a trend (p =.058) for starters' jump height to decrease from week 1 to week 5.No significant differences were found in global stress, global recovery or recovery-stress scores in S or NS. Starters' had higher scores on all scores throughout the season when compared with NS. Conclusion: Although no statistical differences were found, a performance decrease of 14.5% may have practical importance when dealing with collegiate athletes. Future research may need to consider analyzing individual player's results as opposed to the team as a whole in order to find significant differences. The use of a simple performance test and the use of a psychological assessment are very practical tools that can be used on a continuous basis to monitor athletes.

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