Cyber Security for Smart Grid Systems: Status, Challenges and Perspectives

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IEEE SoutheastCon 2015




The transformation of traditional energy networks to smart grids revolutionizes the energy industry in terms of reliability, performance, and manageability by providing bi-directional communications to operate, monitor, and control power flow and measurements. However, communication networks in smart grid bring increased connectivity with increased severe security vulnerabilities and challenges. Smart grid can be a prime target for cyber terrorism because of its critical nature. As a result, smart grid security is already getting a lot of attention from governments, energy industries, and consumers. There have been several research efforts for securing smart grid systems in academia, government and industries. This article provides a comprehensive study of challenges in smart grid security, which we concentrate on the problems and proposed solutions. Then, we outline current state of the research and future perspectives.With this article, readers can have a more thorough understanding of smart grid security and the research trends in this topic.