Undergraduate Research Scholar: The First Step towards a Hybrid Lecture- Based and Inquiry/Research-Based Engineering Program

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Spring 2015

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Technology Interface International Journal (TIIJ)


In this paper, we describe our approach on how to integrate undergraduate research into a lecture-based curriculum through summer workshops, research-designated courses, and undergraduate research grants. This approach is the first step towards a hybrid lecture-based and inquiry/research-based undergraduate engineering program. We proposed the establishment of a series of undergraduate research workshops instructed periodically every summer to better prepare students interested in undergraduate research. We also proposed a course, UREH-4999 Undergraduate Research, that will be used to provide the undergraduate student with an opportunity to engage in supervised research. Upon completing a certain number of undergraduate research credits and presenting the findings of the research conducted, the students will be granted an “Undergraduate Research Scholar” status on their transcripts or diplomas as recognition for their participation in research. We have conducted a set of surveys to identify the learning style of our students, the students’ favorable learning style, and identify the students’ willingness to be involved in undergraduate research.