Submissions from 2017

Offshore Wind Energy Power System vs. Conventional Implementations - Comparative Study, DeAndra Dixon and Adel El-Shahat

Big Data Analytics in Power Systems, Samuel Fakorede and Adel El-Shahat

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Predictive Modeling, Samuel Fakorede and Adel El-Shahat


Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Predictive Modeling, Samuel Fakorede and Adel El-Shahat

Cost Analysis of Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System for Statesboro, GA, Shantu Ghose and Adel El-Shahat

Life Cycle Assessment Parameters for the Power-Electronic- Converters, Blair Hanna and Adel El-Shahat

Optimal Power Flow for Micro-Grids, Blair Hanna and Adel El-Shahat

Vortex Bladeless Wind Generator for Nano-Grid Application, Md-Mehedi Hasan and Adel El-Shahat

Wave Energy Harvester Simulation, Osahon Iroghama and Adel El-Shahat

Supercapacitor Modeling for Nano-Grid Applications, J. Hunter Johnson and Adel El-Shahat

Power Line Communication for Micro-Grids, Antoine Kabre

Multi-Junction Solar Cells Optimum Modeling, Antoine Kabre and Adel El-Shahat

Bladeless Wind Turbine, Darian Keys, Olanrewaju Ajala, and Adel El-Shahat

Battery-Degradation Model Based on ANN-Regression Function for EV Applications, Gabrielle May and Adel El-Shahat

DC Micro-Grid Real Time Pricing and Market Models, Zackary Minshew and Adel El-Shahat

Vortex Bladeless Wind Generator, Zackary Minshew and Adel El-Shahat

Solar Charged Autonomous Car, Samuel Njeri, Rashad Smith, and Adel El-Shahat

ANN-Predictive Model for Si-based Bipolar Transistor Characterization, Priscilla Perez and Adel El-Shahat


Organic Solar Cell by Inkjet Printing, Sharaf Sumaiya, Adel El-Shahat, and Kamran Kardel

Submissions from 2016


Nano-Grids: Future Power Grids – Concept and Review Paper, Adel El-Shahat


Special Purpose Power Electronics Converters for Nano-Grids & Smart Homes Applications, Adel El-Shahat, Adam Carver, Ormond Castle, Anthony Moore, and S. Kyle Radford


Energy Storage Modeling Library (ESML) for DC NANO- GRID, Adel El-Shahat and Shantu Ghose


Distributed Generation Systems Modelling & Simulation Visual Library (DGS), Adel El-Shahat, Rami J. Haddad, and Youakim Kalaani


Optimized Small Scale Hydropower Generator Electrical System Design & Modeling Based on Real-Measurements, Adel El-Shahat, Clifford Saggus, Roman Coley, and Zack Floyd

Submissions from 2015

Micro-Turbine Performance Simulation for Micro-Grids Applications, Adel El-Shahat

PM Micro-Generator Design for Smart Grid Systems, Adel El-Shahat


Electrical System associated with Small Scale Hydropower Generator Design & Modeling, Zack Floyd, Roman Coley, Clifford Saggus, and Adel El-Shahat

Energy Modeling of Differential Drive Robots, Mudasser Wahab, Fernando Rios-Gutierrez, and Adel El-Shahat

Submissions from 2014


Aircraft High Speed PM Synchronous Machine Basic Sizing Regression Neural Function, Obinna Enneh and Adel El-Shahat


Photovoltaic Model for Smart Grid Applications, Bradley Jones and Adel El-Shahat


Solar Modules Based Design Modeling, Haydon C. Lynch and Adel El-Shahat


Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Modeling for Smart Grids Applications, Ekene Micheal Nwobodo and Adel El-Shahat