Nano-Grids: Future of Power Systems Grids - Notes

Nano-Grids: Future of Power Systems Grids - Notes


Georgia Southern University faculty member Adel El-Shahat authored Nano-Grids: Future of Power Systems Grids - Notes.


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Book Summary: Nano-Grids is the promising future power grid to make your home into a small-scale grid. It is a building cell of a micro-grid, which is a building block of a smart grid. Nano-grid existing technology, Nano-grids technology enhancement, DC Nano-grid energy storage, Nanogrid Challenges, Nanogrid Characteristics, Nanogrid Research Benefits and Research Topics to be addressed are all presented and illustrated in the book. The book introduces Nano-Grids’ Basic and detailed fundamentals Concepts. PV Module's Modelling for Nano-Grids and the impact of 3D Printing Technology on PV Cells are presented. Nano- Hydropower Generation System Design and Small-Scale Wind Energy System Dispatchable Modelling for Nano-Grids are illustrated too. Special Types of Power Electronics Converters designs and models such as Universal Converter and PV Single-Phase Cascaded Inverter Concepts for Nano-Grids Applications are presented as well. Complete Residential PV System Design and implementation as a Nano-Grid is included too. Moreover, Predictive Wind Energy Model and Predictive PV House Sizing Model for Georgia State are shown. Finally, New Concept for Nano-Grids' Stability Analysis is illustrated too.

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Nano-Grids: Future of Power Systems Grids - Notes
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